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Flagship Coffee Roasters

At Flagship Coffee Roasters we roast 100% Arabica coffee beans from all over the world at every roast level. We have exceptional blends for every palate and single origin coffees that allow you to experience a particular estate, cooperative, and regionof a country.


Flagship is family owned and operated. We take pride in every aspect of our business – from knowing where our coffee comes from, to the compostibility of our packaging.


The ONLINE STORE IS STILL UP AND RUNNING, AS ARE WE! Updated 6/3/20: Still grateful to everyone who has bee  ordering online, and for drinking the coffee! Thank you!
I am quite sure it's been a kind of weird and/or wild time for everyone. No different with us. I've taken down the Peru Dark and Honduras Medium for the time being. We won't have them back as single origin coffee until mid-June at the earliest. In all honesty, Lucky's closure and changes in buying habits/patterns due to coronavirus have been a bit of a strain. That said I expect those two coffees to be back soon.
Also, I'd like to ask everyone to please spread the word about us if you are inclined. Online sales have definitely helped! You guys are awesome!
We are grateful for your understanding, and thank you again for your support! We appreciate you!
- Andrew