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Flagship Coffee Roasters

At Flagship Coffee Roasters we roast 100% Arabica coffee beans from all over the world at every roast level. We have exceptional blends for every palate and single origin coffees that allow you to experience a particular estate, cooperative, and regionof a country.


Flagship is family owned and operated. We take pride in every aspect of our business – from knowing where our coffee comes from, to the compostibility of our packaging.


Updated 12/11/2021:

Dear Everyone,

Hopefully this holiday season finds you well. Much still going on in the world.

First, a couple of apologies:

To begin with, until this update (Saturday, 12/11/21)There was a message here that from last December about being offline from just after Christmas through the first part of the new year. While that is a usual pattern that is likely to repeat this year, we are stil roasting and shipping! Sorry for any confusion.
Second, the commodity price of coffee has risen quite a lot over the last few months. At our last order a couple of weeks ago, it was up more than 10% over the 4-6 previous weeks, and up more than 30% over the course of this year. There is less supply because of concerns about drought and frost in Brazil (a major coffee producer) leading to lower production. Unfortunately, we are having to raise prices by 1.00 per bag, effective immediately, just to cover the increase in cost of green coffee. If this causes a real problem, please be in touch and we'll try to work something out. All prices are changing to 11.99 per bag. I'm sorry for the surprise jump in prices.

As always, we are grateful for your business, and look forward to filling your orders!

- Andrew
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