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At Flagship Coffee Roasters we roast 100% Arabica coffee beans from all over the world at every roast level. We have exceptional blends for every palate and single origin coffees that allow you to experience a particular estate, cooperative, and region of a country. Flagship is family owned and operated. We take pride in every aspect of our business – from knowing where our coffee comes from, to the compostibility of our packaging.

Most of our beans are purchased from specialty coffee importers with the exception of our beans from Nicaragua. All of our Nicaraguan beans are purchased directly from a family owned farm. This is a form of "direct trade" where we are essentially buying direct from the source without any brokers in the middle.

Coffees that we purchase from importers are certified organic and certified fair trade. Certified Organic means that an organization has reviewed a farm's operations and growing practices which must meet a strict criteria to be labeled organic.


About Us


At Flagship Coffee Roasters Fair Trade is important to us because of coffee's very long history of abuse involving the people that work the hardest to grow it. It essentially guarantees a fair price for the farmer who grows the coffee. In the past, the bulk of the profit was made by the brokers who bought coffee from the farmers. Through unfair practices they would force a low price upon the farmer and then sell it on the open market for a huge profit. We only buy fair trade coffee ensuring those who provide us with our premium grown beans are taken care of.

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