Thank you for visiting our online store, and thank you to everyone who has been ordering! You guys are awesome! A few recent things to note (updated 12/28/2020):

First, we are offline until Monday 1/4/2021 and may not be ready with orders until Tuesday 1/5. Just some time off for the holidays, however I am (again!) sorry I didn't post this earlier...its been busy, and we've already been traveling. Thank you for your understanding! And, I am sorry for any inconvenience. We are still taking orders, but they won't ship until 1/5 or so (or, possibly, shortly thereafter).

Second, as noted before, we have been trying out a new bag for the coffee. The result of this is that only a maximum of 8 bags will fit in our larger shipping box. Please keep this in mind when placing your order. And, shipping costs have risen a bit to cover the cost of rising postal rates.

Third, (this is the same note as before, but moved to the third position...) supplies are generally more consistent, and fewer coffees are going on back order. However, it does occasionally happen. Rather than repeatedly post and remove availability, I will be in touch directly about any glitches in an order if there are any, and we can discuss timing, alternative coffees, etc.

Fourth, PLEASE NOTE: work has become a mosaic, and a bit of reorganization in the coffee have pared down the schedule a bit more. There may occasionally be weeks where there are only a couple of shipping days. I will do my best to spread those days apart reasonably with a couple of days in between to minimize additional wait times. Whether or not it impacts your order will depend on the timing. If it is urgent, please let me know in the order notes when you place it and I will do my best to keep you from running out!

Finally, "Pick-up at the roaster", is still very much "By Appointment" because of schedules, etc. as mentioned above. Thank you for understanding!

With gratitude,

Andrew 12/28/2020