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Thank you for visiting our online store. And, thank you to everyone who has been ordering! I jhope everyone is well. Just a bit of an update (6/28/23):

First, we are indeed still taking and filling orders (even though the latest update on the website was 18 months old!). It is just taking longer than it has in the past. Sometimes unreasonably so, and to those of you with epic patience: thank you for sticking with us! As it is right now, coffee is a single day of the week in my mosaic of work. If the coffee is on hand, I can generally ship within about a week. If I need to wait for beans to come in, it could take two. to make this less traumatic, I am working on being better at communicating order status.

In this world of same day and next day delivery, my new normal seems (even to me) to be quite retrograde, I'll admit. But this is how I am able to make it work for the moment. I think the coffee is still worth it, but this message is very important so we can all have clear expectations.

Second, we will be offline from 6/28/23 through 7/9/23. We'll still take orders, but we won't be able to fill them until the week of 7/10/23, and possibly not until then end of that week. My apologies for any inconvenience. It's our big summer break.

Thank you again for visiting, and for your business. We appreciate you!

With gratitude,

Andrew 6/28/23

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